Hello My Name Is Strawberry Cheesecake, Nice To Sweet You


I think before I talk about the eating experience of this chocolate bar, I should discuss the name. While I'm all about creative names for candy, I think Lindt may have gone a little too far with this bar. While I've never taken points off of a review for the candies name, unless it was really misleading, I am a little upset with this name because I don't want to have to retype it over again if I mention it in the review. My options are to either use pronouns instead of using the proper name, or come up with a short form of the name (Maybe “Hi Cheesecake”?).

As for the bar itself, it was surprisingly good. It's not that I was expecting a bad bar from Lindt, I've just had bad luck in the past with chocolate bars pretending to be cheesecake. Often these bars use a really fake strawberry flavour, the cheesecake portion is just represented by white chocolate, or sometimes there is something wrong with the texture. This bar on the other hand didn't have a problem in any of these areas and represented cheesecake fairly well. Since this bar was also made by one of the top chocolate manufacturers in the world, the chocolate was really nice too.

The first thing I noticed when I bit into this bar was the strawberry flavour. It was a little bit tart and not too unrealistic. My favorite part of the bar however was the smooth cheese center. I'm not sure what it was (I'm assuming it wasn't real cheese), but it was perfectly creamy. The addition of crunchy little bits also added to the bar representing the crust.

I really have only two suggestions that might improve this bar. I would really like to try a version of this bar where the strawberry, cheese, and crust parts are layered in the chocolate, instead of being all mixed up. I think it would make this a different bar, but it may be an improvement. Secondly, I think the name should be simplified, this way candy reviewers might have an easier time writing reviews.