Lindor Chocolate Truffles


This is one of those supper decadent packaged treats I remember from my childhood. It's a little more expensive than most chocolates but the quality is well worth it. If you want to enjoy this treat to its fullest extent, I recommend eating them slightly warm. It’s a little gross, but I like to keep them in my pocket for a little while before I eat them. It seems like the perfect temperature and warms them up without melting them. The body heat allows the center to melt just right while still keeping the outer shell intact. Make sure to be careful though, if your body heat is a little hotter than others you might melt them too much.

The biggest problem had to be how rich the filling and chocolate are. After eating this pack of 5 little balls, I was so filled up with chocolate I couldn't eat another bite. I also find it a little odd that this particular package of chocolates has 5 chocolates of 3 flavours. That means you’re always going to have one less chocolate than you want. I like the idea of having two of each chocolate because that gives you the chance to try each one, then eat the last three in order of least favourite to most favourite. FYI, my favourite order from least to most favourite is white, dark, and my favourite is the milk chocolate. Having said that they’re all pretty good, so even a white chocolate Lindt Chocolate Truffle is a good sweet treat.

No matter which one you choose - dark, white, or milk chocolate, you're sure to feel like a million bucks.