Lindt Excelence "Extra Creamy"


This is an interesting idea, that of making a milk chocolate bar "extra creamy". When you think about it, it sounds like it would only improve the bar, but there’s physics to think about. More importantly the fact that the more cream you add to chocolate the less cocoa will be in the bar. You’re not really eating a creamier bar, as much as you’re eating a bar with less cocoa. Having tasted this bar I can say that physics does not exclude chocolate bars, and extra creamy milk chocolate is one step closer to chocolate bars with no chocolate flavour at all. In other words, one step closer to being white chocolate (take that for what you will).

The good news about this bar is it still has enough of a chocolaty taste that it hasn't crossed over to the dark side of white chocolate (ironic?). It's still pretty tasty with just a hint of extra cream, so it comes off as smoother. This bar works because Lindt chocolate is high quality chocolate, so even if you try something like removing cocoa, the bar isn’t totally ruined. Instead the chocolate flavour is smooth and the texture isn’t too waxy.

So, it's a pretty good bar and well worth trying out, however it really isn't as good as a nice high-quality milk chocolate bar. Since Lindt is known for making some nice high-quality chocolate bars, if you're not feeling adventurous, you might want to go with one of their simple milk chocolate bars instead. This one is a fine experiment, but it really doesn’t fill the gap as well as some other bars.