This bar falls into the category of bars that I'm surprised I've never reviewed up till now. Some of you out there may have never heard of a Lion bar, but if you live in Europe (and parts of Asia) this bar is actually pretty common. Some might even say that it's a classic. It's strange that a bar that's so common in other parts of the world is so uncommon in North America. It's not that I've never seen it in North America, it's just only found in specialty shops that deal with imported candies.

The strange thing about me reviewing this classic bar is that I can't remember having ever tried it before. I lived in Europe for 4 years and I've lived in Asia for 4 years, but I don't actually remember having actually tried this bar. I've tried the peanut version of this bar, and even reviewed it. While I want to believe that I've eaten this bar before, I couldn't actually tell you when that happened. This might work in my favour though, I have no fond memories of eating this bar, or any kind of nostalgia for it either. All I have is the bar in front of me right now to base this review.

The one thing I can say about this bar is that the balance of ingredients is very good. That's pretty common with "classic" bars that have been around for a long time. It's likely because the candy companies that make these bars have had years to adjust and perfect their recipe. The quality of the ingredients is also pretty good. The caramel jumps out a little as the star of the show, but it doesn't overpower the balance at all.

The negatives of this bar are a bit of a problem. The wafer with the rice crisps are a little too much texture wise. They're both really light and airy ingredients, and they make this bar feel a little too light. Maybe it's that I feel like I'm getting ripped off, or maybe it's just a weird texture, but I'm not a fan of this rice crisp and wafer combination.

This is not a bad bar, and I can see why it's a classic. You really have to be into light and airy candy bars to love this bar, but the caramel does help weigh it down a bit.