Lion "Peanut"


This is one of those variety type bars that I thought would work out well. The regular Lion bar is wafers, rice crisps, caramel and chocolate. This bar is all that and some peanuts. It seems like a simple addition, but it can either go really well, or really wrong.

Similar to the regular Lion bar, this one is a high-quality treat with smooth melt in your mouth chocolate, great caramel, and some of the lightest wafers I've ever tasted in a bar. So already you know it's got to be OK because, they didn't change what worked in their original bar. Sometimes when you get a variation bar there's substitutions and sometimes those substitutions take out what made the original great. This really isn’t the case as the base of this bar is still exactly like the regular Lion bar.

The addition in this bar is the peanuts. Now first of all I should say that the peanuts didn't ruin the already great stuff from before. The thing is, the peanuts didn't really add that much either. I think the problem was the way that the peanuts where delivered. Instead of throwing in full peanuts they added small peanut pieces, even half peanuts might have done better. The small pieces just blended into the other ingredients and didn't really add much texture of flavour wise. I just feel that larger peanuts may have changed this bar a little more. I’m not sure if it would have worked, but at least it would be different.