November 2023

Little Bobdog Cola Shigaretto


I don’t normally like to get into the politics of candy, but I feel like you really can’t avoid it with these. For many, the theme of this candy is something that you would no longer see on the shelves. It’s a candy from a bygone era that’s very much not politically correct. These are candy cigarettes, and they’re candy cigarettes that are completely open and honest about being candy cigarettes. Not only are these candy cigarettes, they’re candy cigarettes using a popular children’s cartoon character to market them. I have particular opinions on this kind of thing, and I’m sure you do to, so for the sake of this review I’m going to try and avoid my (and maybe your) opinions on the subject.

When I think of candy cigarettes, the candy that comes to mind first is Popeye candy cigarettes (I know they’re called candy sticks now, but let’s just pretend). Popeye cigarettes are short chalky sticks with small dabs of pink paint on the end. When we compare those to this treat, I’d say there’s some serious differences. In fact the only similarities is the fact that they’re small white cylinders of candy.

Visually these candy cigarettes are much slicker looking than Popeye cigarettes. They’re also a little less round and more of an oval shape. They’re so much slicker looking that they actually have the company name “Orion” and apparently the word “cigarette” embossed on each stick. These Little Bobdogs also do not have the pink spots on the end. Flavour wise these actually taste pretty good. I would certainly describe them as cola flavoured, but maybe not too intense. There’s also a much more hard candy like crunch to these, rather than just chalky.

There’s apparently some writing on this package trying to convince kids not to smoke. Again, take that for whatever it’s worth. As a candy these were nothing that special, but they weren’t that bad either. I don’t seem myself hunting them down, but it was an interesting moral thought process to go through just to enjoy some cola flavoured candy.