Loads of Ketchup Flavour

President's Choice

The concept for these chips is admirable, but it achieves a goal that we don’t really want. One of the great joys of most ketchup chips is to find those few chips that are completely saturated with ketchup flavour. Every once in a while, you hit one of these chips and your taste buds are loaded with ketchup goodness. The next step in the evolution seems simple, make a bag of chips that is exclusively filled with these over seasoned chips, right?

Unfortunately, it doesn't work in reality. The reason the intense flavour is satisfying is because it’s surrounded with average ketchup chips. Your taste buds get a bit of a break between each intense chip. When you’re eating a bag full of intense chips, you’re quickly overwhelmed and the joy is lost. It reminds me of those fruit cocktails where they add extra cherries. Those didn’t work because as it turns out we don’t really love the cherries, we just like getting a rare prize.

The second problem with these overly seasoned chips is the fact that they make your fingers a complete mess. After about 3 grabs into the bag your fingers are bright red. We all know that potato chips seasoning is accumulative as well, so the more you go in, the more your fingers are covered. Let me suggest that you have a roll of paper towels on the ready, or just eat them in the shower.

These chips do deliver what they claim to deliver, I’m just not really sure it’s what we want.