Karl Fazer "Lontoo Rae"


The idea of licorice and chocolate together sounds like a really good way to destroy a perfectly good chocolate bar. In my head these two flavours don't seem like they could ever work well together. It could be my general dislike of licorice, and my general love of chocolate that affects my judgment in this case. To keep my mind open, I have to remember that salt and chocolate go well together, and licorice and salt go well together, so there must be some common ground.

Although there are many ways that this combination could go wrong, this bar does not fall into any of the traps. In fact, this bar surprised me with how well it worked, and how it really managed to control the licorice flavour with the smooth milk chocolate. It would have been very simple for this bar to be overloaded on the licorice, since it's such a strong flavour, and kill the chocolate completely, but they don't. Instead you really get a nice blend of flavours that meld together well.

It also helps that the chocolate is of a really high quality. It's a smooth milk chocolate with a nice cocoa flavour. If the chocolate had of been cheap or lower quality, I'm not sure if this bar wouldn't have worked. The method that the licorice is delivered also helps with it working just right. Small black and white nibs filled with licorice are dispersed throughout the bar spreading the flavour very well.

This bar is truly a step towards me changing my opinion of licorice. At this point I'm willing to say that mixed with chocolate at the right ratio licorice is OK.