Look "2 ???"


There are two great qualities about this bar. The first is not really relevant to the candy eating experience, and that’s the package. The box was so unique that I felt it was worth documenting it in video (click here to check it out). The second great quality of this bar is the texture, or most specifically the smoothness, I don’t know if I’ve ever had chocolate this smooth before. It was almost like eating soft butter, in fact it was so smooth that it was maybe even a little too smooth. It left a strange feeling in my mouth after eating it (strangely kind of like I was eating a stick of butter).

While these two features were interesting, there was at least one fault that made this bar very disappointing, and that’s flavour. Worse yet it wasn’t one particular part of the flavour that was disappointing. The chocolate was bland, and the flavours were very weak. Of the two flavours of filling in each bar, the tea flavour was the strongest and easiest to figure out. The “pink” flavour was a mystery to me. It was slightly perfumy, but I couldn’t tell you exactly what kind of perfume. The biggest problem with figuring out the flavour was not really being able to taste it.

In general, these where kind of disappointing, and the disappointment grows as you eat it. Opening the box is amazing and cool, the initial texture is interesting but a little odd, but the flavour is just not great.