Look 3 "Sweet Potato, Chestnut, Pumpkin"


This has to be the most organized chocolate bars ever. It's organized, but it's also not successful. The reason this bar is so organized is in the way the packaging is designed and how it works with the pieces of chocolate. First of all, this isn't really a chocolate bar technically, it's actually several small squares of chocolate packaged together. When you open the box, you have a foil wrapper with several squares pictured on it. At the far left there's a label denoting each flavour of filling (it's in Japanese but you can figure it out fairly easily by looking at the box that these came in). Then there are three squares after the name with a pattern on each, each pattern marks what flavour is inside each square. When you open the foil, you get a tray filled with these squares, each with the corresponding pattern and each in the appropriate row. It's very organized and leaves nothing to the imagination, which can be a good thing in the candy world.

The problem with this bar is much simpler to explain than the way they organize it. The problem is in the quality and strength of each of the fillings. I tried one of each of the flavours and found that the filling had different colours, but it was hard to find any difference in the flavours. I ate a second of each and while taking my time to really think about the flavours, I could taste a difference. I would have had a hard time telling you what flavour each square was supposed to be if it wasn't written on the package. I decided to take things a step further with the next squares and open them up with a knife, scoop out the filling and eat it on its own. The potato and chestnut were almost impossible to tell apart. The pumpkin had a slightly different flavour, maybe even a little pumpkin like, but it was really hard to tell.

After eating the last squares in the regular fashion, I would conclude that each filling does have a different flavour, but it's really hard to tell because it's overpowered by the chocolate flavour and some kind of cream that's mixed with the fillings. I was hoping that I would really get to taste these unique flavours in this bar, but that just wasn't the case. There are many Japanese treats that use these flavour profiles, and I would say you're much better off trying them in another format. This is an okay chocolate bar with cream fillings that should taste a lot better.