Look "a La Mode Chocolate with 4 Flavors"


The packaging on this chocolate bar could not be more complicated and detailed. In fact, the detail that's put into this bar makes me think that I can't even classify it as a chocolate "bar" per se. After opening the box that keeps the bar in perfect condition, I'm faced with a foil wrapper with an illustration of each of the flavours of chocolate cubes. Each of the illustrations are placed on top of the spot where the appropriate cube of chocolate can be found. For example, there's a little silhouette of a banana on top of each cube of chocolate that has banana filling, the same for the almond, strawberry, and caramel. Then after opening the package, there's a cardboard tray that contains the chocolate, and this is where calling this a bar comes into being a problem. Each square of chocolate is lined up in the tray, however the cubes are pre-separated. Each variety of square (for example each square filled with banana cream) also has a different texture on top. It's one of the most detailed chocolate "bars" I've ever eaten, it even comes pre-broken.

This is unfortunately where all the details seem to have ended. The rest of this bar falls very flat after you've unwrapped it. The chocolate is very waxy and very weak in flavour. It has neither a strong cocoa or milky flavour, it's just fairly bland. The flavours inside the cubes aren't much better. The banana and strawberry probably have the strongest flavour, while the almond is pretty much tasteless. The caramel should be the hero flavour in this bunch, but it is the most disappointing. While it has a bit of a flavour, it's not really caramel. Instead it's a weakly flavoured caramel cream. It's so weak that I had a hard time trying to make out any caramel flavour at all.

Had you handed me this bar with no package, and no indication which flavours are represented, I probably would have never guessed any of the flavours except maybe the banana. This package goes a very long way to make sure that each flavour is well represented, it's a good thing, because the cubes themselves have no flavour at all.