Lotsa Fizz


This is one of those candies that has been around for so long and even though they're very simple, they’re still really creative as well. The idea, although simple in design is very original as well. What you get is a hard candy with a fizzy center, an excellent combination in my opinion. These are two textures that work so well together, and don’t clash at all. The best example I can give of a popular combination where the two textures do clash is bubble gum ice cream in an ice cream cone. When you eat those two treats together it gets pretty gross. These on the other hand are really pleasant together, and when they mix it only improves the texture.

The flavors are simple as well - orange, red and grape. As usual, the red is really hard to place. It could be strawberry, it’s likely cherry, but it could also be some kind of fruit punch as well. The orange and grape are easy to figure out right off the bat. All of these flavours are also very common simple flavours, but they work really well with both the hard candy and the fizzy filling in the center.

Even the packaging is simple but still unique. The long string of packages allows for easy storage and it's easy to share with friends. The only real problem is the fact that the package kind of lies to you. You would assume that in the red package you would find the red candy, well don't fool yourself, red, purple or orange package, it could mean anything.

This treat is one of the great classic candies, but it’s not as simple as you might think.