Lacta Lov' it "Choc 'n' Biscuits"


There are really two problems with this bar that makes it an "ok" bar instead of being a spectacular bar. The first problem is the chocolate. Lacta bars are all the same in the type of chocolate they use and the problem is that it's too milky. Most people don't complain when they get a chocolate bar that is really smooth and creamy, and neither would I. The problem is these bars are so creamy that you can hardly taste any chocolate at all. What you end up with is a really light coloured chocolate that tastes a little like white chocolate with almost no cocoa flavour at all.

The second problem with this bar is the delivery method of the cookie. The cookie creates an OK texture, but it delivers no flavour what so ever. The package implies that the cookie type in this bar is that of a "Petit Beur" (or little butter) cookie. These cookies have an exceptional taste that is completely lost on this bar. I've actually had Petit Beur cookies covered in chocolate and it's ten times better than this bar.

Now don't get me wrong, this bar is not bad. The chocolate is smooth and creamy and the texture is fine. I'd just rather have the cookie (un-crumbled) covered with a slightly higher cocoa content chocolate instead.