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Lov' it "choc 'n' cake"


Taste: 2

Texture: 2

Novelty: 4

All scores out of 5

December 10 2011

On paper I can't imagine this treat doing anything except rocking. How can you possibly go wrong when you cross a chocolate bar and chocolate cake, it seems faultless. You could maybe not include icing, but this treat didn't do that, you could also use crappy ingredients, but this treat didn't do that. So it appears that the folks at Lacta have an easy road ahead... or so you might think.

As strange as it is, this treat was a disappointment As mentioned above, it had nothing to do with making sure the authenticity of the cake was there. The cake had both icing and a nice texture. It also, again as mentioned above, had nothing to do with the chocolate quality. The problem that reared its ugly head in this situation is proportions. There was way too much chocolate and it killed any good qualities of the cake. The icing held up OK, but the cake itself was completely lost.

The thing is, after having eaten this bar, I'm not sure if this combination could ever work. I think if you took away more chocolate you wouldn't really have a bar anymore, and if you made it any bigger, to try and increase the amount of cake you'd also loose site of the bar idea. In other words, the cake/chocolate bar combination might be impossible. I challenge any candy maker out in the world to prove me wrong, and I really hope you do.