June 2023

Lover "Ice Cream Cone Chocolate Flavor"

Happy Snow

I want to start off this review with a little problem I have with this package. It’s a small detail, but a common occurrence with packages containing treats that are chocolate flavoured. Behind the small pieces of chocolate depicted on the package there’s a small green leaf. The leaf looks like a mint leaf. Chocolate mint is a common flavour, but this treat did not have any kind of mint flavour at all. They simply used this leaf as a decoration to improve the look of what is probably two very boring brown squares. While I like the idea of making visual things appealing, I feel like it’s a bit of a misdirection.

I decided to point out that problem because frankly there isn’t much I can write about this cone. It’s not great. It’s not disgusting either, but it’s not great. The biggest problem I had with this cone is the complete lack of chocolate, or chocolate flavour. I will admit that all of the ice cream in this cone was brown, and there was a crunchy brown chocolate like texture both on the top of this cone and down the inside of the cone. The problem is that it did not taste very chocolate like at all. It had a slight stale flavour about it, and that’s about it.

The cone was probably the most flavourful part of this cone, and it wasn’t that strong a flavour either. The peanuts were okay, but they were only on the top and I think I only had about one or two bites that actually had peanuts. The ice cream also did this strange thing where it would break apart as I went down the cone, as if it was poured into the cone in stages. My assumption is that this cone might have been a little past its prime, or stored in imperfect conditions.

The main thing this cone did was cool me down on a warm day. I really didn’t enjoy it that much, but it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever eaten either. I guess if you’re really hot and you don’t mind a slightly bland ice cream treat... well at least you’ll enjoy the peanuts.