Lunch Bar


A friend of mine who used to live in South Africa (where I got this bar) told me that the Lunch Bar is similar to the Canadian Sweet Marie. I'd like to compare the two bars for this review, but I haven't actually eaten a Sweet Marie in many years, and I don't have access to one right now. I do remember enough about the Sweet Marie to tell you that the format is pretty much the same. You have a light Wafer bar surrounded by caramel, peanuts, and rice crisps, all covered in chocolate.

The quality of the ingredients for the Lunch Bar are all pretty good. The wafer and the rice crisps were crunchy. The caramel was a little hard to find but was tasty enough. The chocolate was very tasty, smooth and creamy. The nuts tasted fine, but they represented the one major flaw in this bar. While the quality was OK, the number of peanuts was way too low. At first, I thought they had the same texture as the rice crisps, but after a few bites I realized that the problem was that the texture and flavour of the nuts were getting lost in the large amount of rice crisps. It’s really a question of ratio, and there has to be a bit more balance between these two ingredients.

This bar could have been better, but it's not that bad either. A few more nuts, a little more caramel, and maybe a denser wafer in the middle would elevate this bar greatly.