M&M's "Wild Cherry"


This seems to be a bit of a new trend with the folks at M&M's. It seems to be all about flavouring their chocolate to add a little twist to these little, chocolate filled crunchy treats. I have to say that so far (and including these) I've been pretty satisfied with the taste of these. The cherry in this case was a deep cherry flavour, it wasn't super realistic but it was pretty good. It might have been interesting if maybe they added a little sour taste as well as the rich cherry taste, but who knows.

I am a little disappointed though with the fact that it looks like their going down the simple repetitive role of just slapping a flavoured chocolate in their already established candy. Why not throw some real dried cherries in these, or something else perhaps? Why not fill them with an assortment of dried fruits? That would be interesting and I think it would be an interesting texture contrast to the hard candy shell. I we already know that dried fruit works well with chocolate.

They also haven't even cracked many of the nuts that might be awesome in their candy shell. I’m still holding out for a walnut M&M.

These cherry M&Ms are ok, but I sure hope there not the first of a long line of kind of lame ideas. I hope Mars really looks at other textures, and not just chocolate flavours.