Maciek Toffi


This bar is a little odd. On paper a toffee filled chocolate bar should almost always work. It’s one of the staples of the candy world, a treat that’s been around for a very long time. I'm not too sure if this is a European thing or just this particular bar. It’s as if they meant for some of the flavours and textures of this bar to be a little strange. I guess there might be some people out there who like this a lot, but my North American pallet just couldn’t work this bar out.

The chocolate is an average European style of chocolate. It almost has a fruity flavour to it and its a little bitter as well. I’ve had chocolate like this before, and it can work for me, but sometimes the fruity quality turns me off a bit. The toffee was also a little strange; It was a little bit gritty. It’s not really what I'm used to in toffee, most of the time toffee is a little smoother and sweeter. In general, I find gritty doesn’t work in most candies, unless it’s some kind of gimmick. The flavour of the toffee was a little weak as well. It really could have used some zing or maybe a nice burnt flavour.

It didn’t help that the strange chocolate flavour was so powerful as well. It seemed to kill the toffee flavour and made this bar a really weird experience to eat. There was nothing inherently gross about this bar, it was just a little weird and the flavours didn’t balance at all.