Mackintosh's "Mack" Toffee


This review is a great example of why I do this. Sure, eating candy is fun no matter what... I mean, if I complained about my daily life I'd be a real jerk. But sometimes something comes along and it make me smile a little more than usual. It could be something new, something exciting, but sometimes it's just something I can smash into tiny pieces. Today is a day of smashing. I should note that a big smile came across my face as I wrote that. I've decided with this particular review to start you off with a short instructional series of pictures on the proper way to smash Makintosh’s Toffee.

As you can see, the package does have instructions, so I'm not exaggerating or making this up.

Take your hand.

Add Mackintosh's Toffee.

Smash liberally.

Now it's broken.

If you ask Canadians of my age about any kind candy rituals or memories, I’m sure many would have fond memories of smashing their toffee. I’m not sure where this came from, it could have been an advertising campaign, or it could have been a tradition passed down in the playground. Either way it ended up being an advertising campaign eventually. It’s also a great part of my Canadian history.

You're probably wondering if it's worth all this trouble. I'd have to say that yes, it is. I might be a little biased about this stuff, only because it was one of my favourite treats as a kid. I used to chew on Mackintosh’s Toffee until my jaw hurt, and it will eventually hurt. As you get older, I’ve learned that the hurt comes a little quicker than when I was a kid. It's sad getting old. Either way, although it may hurt your jaw a little, it's still a fun treat. The texture once you start chewing it is smooth and creamy and the flavour is just wonderful as well. The smashing's pretty cool, too.