Magical Elves


Nothing makes me want to eat candy more than a drunk-looking elf on a package. OK, now I know you’re saying, "Chris, what's the deal? This is obviously a Christmas treat, and although I may be reading this on Christmas you sure didn't write this review then." Wow, you have a lot to say about the timing of my review (or this is just a clever way for me to tell you that I didn’t get these at Christmas time). So, I occasionally like shopping at discount stores that sometimes have candy sitting around for a little while. Either way, when I saw this treat, I couldn't say no.

*eats the chocolate elf*

Yes! That's the good stuff. For some reason, I really like the combination of pop rocks and chocolate in this Magical Elves chocolate. Had I tried these early on in my candy-eating career, I probably would have thought poorly of pop rocks alone. There’s just something magical about the chocolate and pop rocks combination. The other great thing I've noticed: only companies with decent chocolate seem to try this combination, this one being no exception. This treat was yummy and my whole mouth and throat are tingling and that makes me happy.

I guess unless you are reading this around the holidays (hopefully they will bring them back out every year), then you'll probably have a hard time finding these. But if you do find them when the holidays aren’t around, they’re worth brushing off a bit of dust and enjoying the tingle of pop rocks and chocolate.