I have a love hate feeling about this candy and it has solely to do with the flavour. This treat has two flavours in one, and two textures in one as well. On the outside is a nice layer of crunchy toffee type stuff. I like it because it's not too strong, not too weak, just right. It's also not that sticky, it's a little sticky but well within my threshold of sticky that I like. The inside is some kind of chewy something or other, to be honest i don't really know what it was. I can tell you that at the first moment I bit into it I was not happy. The flavour was just off, I can't say how, but it kind of tasted like sour milk or some kind of off dairy product, although I'm sure that idea came to me because of the pictures of the cows on the wrapper.

Eventually the not so great flavour went away and I was left with the nice toffee flavour from the outside, but I just can't explain what it was. The center bit although not tasting too great did however add a nice texture, I like chewy things and today was a day I think I may have been craving extra hard for something chewy.

Maybe I got a bad one, I don't know, but it'll take a little bravery for me to ever try one again.