The candy concept of a little crunchy ball of white stuff covered in chocolate is manufactured by many different candy companies. Most people call this type of candy “Malt Balls”, but they go by different names when they’re made by these candy companies. Maltesers are probably, internationally the most famous of these companies. Whoppers are very popular in the USA, but in international candy markets you don't really see them around much. But I digress, this isn't a website about candy availability, it's about taste testing particular candies.

Unlike most malt balls I've eaten, Maltesers really have a smooth creamy flavour one would expect or at the very least hope for when eating a malt ball. While I'm not certain exactly what “malt” really is, I find that malt sweets and desserts tend to have a really smooth chocolate flavour. So, if I judge this on those parameters, they're really great. The flavour is milky, sweet, with a nice tasty milk chocolate flavour. The texture is also great, with a perfect crunchy centre that melts just a little bit as you chew it.

While I wouldn't call these the most creative malt balls I've ever had, for a general purpose packaged version, they’re tasty and just fine.