Little Masha and the Bear


I bought this bar in hopes that I would get to try something brand new and exotic. Whenever I get a treat with no readable English on the package, I get nervous and excited at the same time. I'm nervous because I have no idea what I'm about to eat, I get excited at the idea that I may taste something I've never tasted before. In the case of this bar, I was nervous, but once I bit into my Little Masha and the Bear bar, I was a little disappointed.

It's not that it was a particularly bad treat; it just wasn't anything revolutionarily new to me at all. It's basically a slightly dark chocolate filled with some kind of caramel. The caramel had a slight boozy flavour to it, and that was a little surprising, but it wasn't so shocking and new that it made this bar anything special. I guess the boozy flavour threw me off a little because of the name and package of this bar. I didn’t expect something so cute and child like to have a boozy flavour.

I certainly wouldn't tell you not to sample this bar; in fact, I kind of recommend it. The chocolate quality was fine and the caramel was soft and tasty. I would say that if you're in Russia and you're craving something that isn't strange to a North American palette, this is the perfect bar for you. If you're visiting Russia, and you want something unique, you'll probably find this to be a bit of a disappointment.