M&M's Milk Chocolate Bar "Crispy"


This crispy M&M’s bar is not what I expected, but I really liked it. If you look at the name of this bar, and also based on the M&M’s character on the package, one might assume that this is a milk chocolate bar filled with crispy M&M’s. At least this is what I assumed. After looking at the package with more scrutiny I started to have my doubts about this assumption. After looking at the details of the package it seems more like you’re getting a milk chocolate bar filled with mini milk chocolate M&M’s and small rice crisps. After taking the bar out of the package this seemed more probable, and after a few bites I realized this is in fact the case.

Mentally this kind of disappointed me. The package (and the campaign) for this bar really implied that each of these M&M’s bars are filled with their corresponding M&M’s. For a few minutes I was kind of disappointed, but then I thought about it for a minute, and I realized that I was really enjoying this bar. The milk chocolate is very smooth and very tasty. The mini M&M’s add a little colour and crunch, and he rice crisps are so well distributed and also add a great texture. The ratio of M&M’s and rice crisps was perfect, as was the distribution. While this bar isn’t what I expected, it’s technically a great bar, and I couldn’t resist eating the whole thing.

Not only was it a fine bar, it was a pretty good looking bar too. I liked the shape of the bar, a classic square, however each square had little lumps like M&M’s. There was also a giant detailed image of an M&M imbedded in part of the bar. I was really excited about this bar, then I was a little worried that it might not deliver what I thought it would. Once I got over my expectations, I realized that this was a pretty good bar, and completely surprising.