M&M's Eggs "Peanut Butter"


Before I start actually reviewing the candy itself, I just want to point out a really cool design feature of this package. I normally don't like to talk about packaging too much, unless it has to do with how you might enjoy this candy, but this particular feature just made me smile a great deal. It's not obvious from the package, but these M&M Eggs are filled with peanut butter. The only indicator you get of that is the small swirl graphic in the top corner with the word "peanut butter" on it. However, if you look really closely, you'll see a much bolder indicator, the red M&M's hair is made of peanut butter. It's blatantly obvious yet extremely subtle all at the same time.

As for the candy itself, I wasn't totally impressed. The biggest problem with these eggs is the size, or lack of consistency with the size. I had some M&M eggs that were twice the size of others. It seems like the lack of consistency was related to how much peanut butter was in each egg. The chocolate and coating wouldn't change, but the amount of peanut butter would. This means that the ratios would be different from one egg to the next, and consistent ratio is something I like in my candy.

Other than the size difference, these were pretty much just egg-shaped peanut butter M&M's, nothing really unique. It might have been nice if they could have used a more Easter themed filling instead of peanut butter. I'm not sure what they could have used, but something uniquely Easter themed would have been fun.