M&M's Milk Chocolate Bar "Peanut"


If this was the first time that I'd eaten one of these "new" (depending on when you're reading this) M&M's bar, it might have been my last. As I mentioned in my first M&M's bar review, this bar is not what you might expect. It's not a chocolate bar filled with peanut M&M's, it is a bar filled with mini plain M&M's and peanut halves. My guess is that the logistics of putting full sized M&M's into a chocolate bar is just not possible, or at the very least not profitable. All of the M&M's bars are like this. The first M&M's bar that I ate was the crispy version, and even though it wasn't what I expected, it still kind of worked. This bar on the other hand didn't work so well.

Don't get me wrong, this bar is fine, the chocolate is a nice quality and the ingredients were also pretty good. The problem with this bar was the distribution of ingredients. With the crispy version of this bar the rice crisps were pretty evenly distributed throughout the bar. The peanuts in this bar on the other hand were not so evenly distributed. In fact, I had several bites with no peanuts at all. The idea of this bar is that you're getting something close to the experience of eating peanut M&M's, but if you're not getting peanuts in every bite, you're really not getting that experience.

This bar did not fail objectively, it's a fine bar, it just didn't work creatively. There's no denying that this bar is supposed to be a peanut M&M's bar, but it's not. The crispy version found a way to get around that a bit and it worked a little bit better. This bar on the other hand might disappoint a few people (particularly those who really enjoy peanut M&M’s) including me.