M&M's "Hazelnut Spread"


This is one of those candies that tastes pretty good, but it still doesn’t work. The reason they don't work is entirely because of the flavour. I bought these in bulk, and I don't have a package for them, so when I was eating them I actually forgot what flavour I bought. My first guess was some kind of cookie dough flavour, but it was lacking a good buttery flavour in the middle. I checked my receipt and discovered that they're supposed to be hazelnut spread flavoured (like Nutella), and I was really surprised, but not in a good way. While these didn't taste like cookie dough, they tasted even less like hazelnut spread. Even stranger is the fact that the center stuff is a light brown colour, and not dark brown like a hazelnut spread.

My dilemma is that while they didn't taste like hazelnut, they weren't that bad. I would say flavour wise these taste a lot like chocolate, and while that's not a bad thing, they didn’t taste like hazelnut. The best way I can describe these in terms of other M&Ms is as a sort of opposite of the crunchy M&Ms. It's like they decided to make soft M&M's. When you think about that, it's kind of a clever idea, but since these are supposed to be hazelnut cream filled, I'm not sure I can call these a great candy creation.

I think to make these work there has to be a stronger hazelnut flavour. Nutella is not a chocolate spread, there is something about Nutella that is most certainly hazelnut. Unfortunately these M&Ms are really lacking that strong hazelnut flavour to balance with the chocolate. It was easy for me to eat each and every one of these M&Ms, but I was still disappointed.