Clotted Cream Fudge

Marks & Spencer

This candy suffered the first time I tried it. It suffered in a completely unjust way, and I'm going to tell you why. I know that the package says that this is "fudge", but when I saw the pieces in the bag my mind thought caramel. Even though I read the words "fudge", my mind kept changing it to caramel. So, when I first bit into these cubes, I was very disappointed by the texture. They were way too soft to be caramel, this was way more the texture of a fudge, as it should be.

So now I'm trying them again, this time with the idea planted in my head that these are little cubes of fudge. As mass produced cubes of fudge go, these are fantastic. As I said before, the texture is so amazingly soft, it melts in your mouth in seconds. The flavour is similar to a maple or caramel fudge, but I’m not really sure if it tastes like clotted cream. Even if this is made of clotted cream, the flavour is a little disconnected. This is because I always think about clotted cream and being cool and creamy. These are slightly creamy, but the coolness is not there at all.

I'm not used to getting fudge in this format. In my past experiences fudge comes in a slab, something you might break apart. The idea of getting it in small cubes messes with my expectations a little bit. The colour also leads me even further to think about caramel over clotted cream. The perfect clotted cream fudge for me would be a cube of fudge that had a clotted cream center instead of just golden brown fudge. The texture and cool feeling you get with clotted cream is such a big part of what it is. I feel like this fudge, while tasting great, loses a little bit of the spirit of the clotted cream.