Mango Teddy Marshmallows


I wish that I could have been surprised by these marshmallows. I so wanted these soft, bear shaped pillows to work, I wanted them to completely stun me the minute I opened the package. I wanted to be blown away with the amazing mango flavour, and the cool teddy bear shapes. I so wanted to love this candy because I think the basic concept of this treat has a lot of potential. I think I could enjoy a mango flavoured marshmallow shaped like a teddy bear. While the connection of teddy bears to mangos is a bit stretched, I like them both.

The main problem with these marshmallows is the complete lack of mango flavour. To be honest, there might be a slight mango flavour to these marshmallows, but it’s so slight that you have to eat like ten of them to even get a sense of it. There might be a slight fruity flavour on your tenth teddy bear marshmallow, but in no way could you call it mango. It was just so subtle that the main flavour you get is plain marshmallow, and a weak flavoured marshmallow at that.

In general, I don’t like marshmallows, I find the texture to be weird, and the flavour to be boring and bland most of the time. These Mango Teddy Marshmallows are a prime example of the kind of marshmallow snack that I don’t like. Worst of all, I think that if you loaded a marshmallow with a strong and slightly tart mango flavour, it would work really well. I think if this marshmallow had been done well, it could have started to turn me around for marshmallows, but instead it’s just a failure.

As for the bear shape, it’s okay, but it’s a little weak. I’ve seen marshmallows in some pretty amazing shapes, but these seem pretty simple. I think it would have better if the folks at Corniche had shaped them similarly to gummy bears. With a little more dimension, I think these would have been a little more fun to eat.