Composed Taffy Sugar Cones

Confiserie GH Gatineau

The idea that this is not Canada's national candy is kind of surprising. I would, at the very least, call it Eastern Ontario and Quebec's “national” candy. I have seen these in other parts of Canada, well Ontario at least, but the area where Quebec and Ontario meet seems to be the hot spot for these gooey cone candies. I have also seen other variations on this treat in other parts of the world. I've even seen a small cone filled with hazelnut chocolate spread; I've seen these little cones filled with marshmallow too (mostly in the USA). Strangely I've never seen these mini cones filled with ice cream.

Of all the variations of this treat that I've seen and tasted, this is the best. It's great because it's unique, and it gives you some variety as well. The bottom half of the cone is filled with a very sticky maple syrup (I can't say for sure if it's pure maple syrup, but considering its origins (Gatineau Quebec) I'm assuming there is some in this). The top half however is filled with a fairly solid chunk of maple sugar/fudge. While the flavour of the two parts is similar, the texture is completely different. Unlike all of the other treats I've tried in little cones, this is the only one that offers nice contrasting textures.

While I do love these, I will admit that part of my love for these comes from nostalgia. If I'm to look at these objectively, I would say that they're likely way too sweet for some people. It's basically a cone filled with liquid sugar, topped with a giant chunk of solid sugar. The maple flavour is there for sure, but the sweetness is fairly overpowering. The cone adds almost nothing to the flavour, and little to the texture. It's more of a vessel to hold the fillings.

As a tip, I recommend eating these upsides down. I find that the syrup is a little more manageable that way. I also prefer the solid sugar part, and it's nice to end on a high.