January 2022






Maple Flavour Marshmallow

President's Choice

I've gone on the record here in the past saying that marshmallows are not my favourite treat. I often enjoy them as ingredients in other treats within moderation and I'm also a big fan of eating them toasted. My problem for me is just eating a plain room temperature marshmallow with nothing else added. There are a few exceptions to this rule, one of those exceptions being gourmet handmade marshmallows, the other is flavoured marshmallows. These particular marshmallows fit into the later.

While these maple marshmallows are certainly not a gourmet marshmallow, these do have a really nice flavour to them. The flavour is fairly subtle, but there is an unmistakable maple taste. I don't know if it's very authentic, mostly because I doubt there's any real maple in these at all. The thing is, the maple flavour is subtle in a certain way much like when you bake with maple syrup instead of regular sugar. I've baked cakes and cookies using maple syrup instead regular brown or white sugar and this gives cakes and cookies a nice maple overtone but doesn’t change the entire flavour of the treat. These do exactly the same thing, and much like when baking with maple syrup the maple flavour is present yet subtle.

I feel like if you made these too maple flavoured it wouldn't work. Too little maple flavour also wouldn't work, particularly for someone like me who doesn't really care for plain, uncooked marshmallows. While the texture is still not my favourite thing in the world, I really do love the subtle maple flavour. It makes me wonder why more marshmallow makers aren't making flavoured marshmallows, particularly using flavours that are naturally sweet. The trick that these guys seem to have mastered is to get the correct subtle flavour with the marshmallows. I feel like too much of just about any flavour might ruin this nice balance and ruin the marshmallow.