Maple Sugar


The best way to describe this candy is to call it hard core. This treat is for the hard core candy fanatics out there, and if you’re not into sweet, you’re not going to like this at all. If you're soft, go get yourself a chocolate bar. Why do I say this? Well it's sweet and when I say “sweet” I mean it's like eating a spoonful of pure sugar. It’s pretty much made of 100% sugar, although one could argue that it’s a natural sugar. These are pretty much made of maple syrup that is, through various processes, turned into a solid.

Although it's really sweet it does have flavour, a maple-like flavour, but there is something a little more to it. There seems to be an almost smoky flavour as well. I’m not sure if the smoky flavour is added afterwards, or if it comes from the process of boiling down the maple water into maple syrup. I think that the best thing about this treat is the purity, it’s just maple sugar, and that’s all you taste.

It's also a classic treat in Canada and when I say classic, I mean classic like historical. If you get the chance to try maple sugar, you can get it in boxes at tourist shops and some candy shops all over Canada. However, if you can get it fresh then it's well worth it. It’s best around fall in Eastern Ontario and Quebec.

Just remember though, you have to have a sweet tooth to get through it.