A mint candy with a real chocolate center not a unique candy concept. I’ve been eating candies like these since I was a little kid. This is however the first time I’ve ever reviewed a candy like this one for Candy Critic (unless you count Chicken Bones, but they’re a little bit different than these). I think it has something to do with the demographic for whom this candy is being sold to. I believe that most people who would buy this kind of hard candy would be older people. I think that kids might eat them frequently, but only when they’re gifted from the older people. I feel like there’s an age range where you wouldn’t likely eat this kind of candy, an age where you’re buying your own candy (so you wouldn’t likely get it from an older friend or family member), but you also wouldn’t likely buy this kind of candy for yourself (you’d probably buy something a little more fun).

I say all of this with a bit of regret. As I ate this mint candy with a yummy chocolate center, I couldn’t figure out why I haven’t eaten more of these types of candies recently. This candy works so well on many levels, yet for some reason I’ve always looked at these as being “not my candy”. The balance of flavours is perfect, there’s a nice cool mint that is suddenly smoothed out buy a wonderful milk chocolate. Best of all the chocolate isn’t just a chocolate flavoured candy, but instead it’s real milk chocolate. The fact that this is Fazer chocolate makes this even better. The hard, mint candy with a smooth milk chocolate really creates a nice taste and texture.

Sure, this isn’t a brand new idea, and this isn’t really a “fun” candy. This is however a candy that’s really great, and even though it seems like nothing that exciting, it’s something anyone who likes mint and chocolate should not miss, not matter what age they are.