Mars Bar "Honeycomb Flavour"


The key to enjoying this bar is to read the package clearly. Most importantly you must read the word "flavour" after the word “honeycomb”. I made this mistake, and when I first bit into this bar I was expecting to feel the crunch of the honeycomb (or as some people know it sponge toffee), instead the texture was identical to that of a plain mars bar. It was a shock, and a bit of a disappointment.

While there was a slight honeycomb flavour, it wasn't really that strong. The dominant flavour was the caramel, then the chocolate, with the honeycomb only leaving a slight aftertaste. The balance of flavour was really off, and that only added to the lack of honeycomb texture. Flavour wise I should mention that the caramel and chocolate tasted fantastic, even though they dominated over the honeycomb. So, it's not as if it was a bad bar flavour wise, it just wasn’t very honeycomb like.

The idea of substituting the nougat for honeycomb in a Mars Bar is something I think would work perfectly. The crunch and flavour of honeycomb would have made for both a tasty and creative treat. I just feel that Mars chickened out and with their honeycomb flavoured nougat, it created a bar that was completely uninspired.