M - Europe - Pieces



Taste: 3.5

Texture: 4

Novelty: 2.5

All scores out of 5

July 10 2011

The first question/concern I had about these treats was answered on the third bite. The question was, how in the world you'd be able to tell which planet is which. See, there are three kind of chocolate covered planets available in this bag, one is chewy, one is soft, and one is crunchy. After opening the bag I quickly realised that there are three different sizes of chocolate blobs in this bag. So after a quick bite of each size I realised the pattern. Yay, for me, not so much for the treat.

I only say that it's not good for the treat because frankly I think it could have used a little suspense. It might be kind of fun to have no idea what kind of planet you where about to bite into. I got a little of this suspense at the beginning and it was fun, but the minute I figured out the system, I was disappointed.

The three different textures are OK as far as taste and texture go. The crunchy is a sort of honeycomb/crunchy nougat treat, sort of like astronaut ice cream. The chewy is filled with caramel. And the soft is filled with the same kind of nougat one might find in a Mars bar.

This is a pretty good treat, it could be better, but it's still pretty good.