Mars Delight


This treat could not be more appropriately named. Well, at least the second half of the name, as I'm pretty sure these aren't made on Mars. Judging by the package, they're made somewhere in Europe. The word “delight” however is very appropriate to the way I would describe this bar, as it was truly a delight to eat.

This leads me to the first and most important reason why this Mars product was such a “delight”. They're made in Europe and they're chocolate. If you've read other candy reviews on this site, you're pretty aware of my love of European chocolate. The quality of the chocolate in this bar is absolutely no exception, in fact it’s a great example of the quality of chocolate you find in many European bars.

Don't get me wrong. There are many other reasons why this Mars products is such a “delight”. So, let’s take a look and break some of these reasons down, shall we? First of all, the design of the chocolate bar is great. Amazing European chocolate surrounds a cookie centre, and it looks a little like a Flake bar. Then there's all this other stuff that surrounds the cookie. It's caramel, similar to the classic Mars bar, only this is so much better. These ingredients on their own are very good, but put together so perfectly is just magic.

The only fault, and it is a super minor problem, is that the concept isn't totally new. It's the innards of a Mars bar with a cookie. It's a really, and I mean really, good Mars bar, but the basic concept is just something slapped onto a Mars bar, and that loses a point for creativity. Having said that, if you find this bar, buy one and eat it.