Giant Marshmallow Burger


I have no idea what I'm thinking. I'm not a huge fan of marshmallow, at least in large quantities. To mould it into an almost-life-sized meaty treat doesn't really make it more appealing at all either. When I first saw this treat, I thought it was some kind of novelty pincushion. I've actually held onto this treat for a little while, so I could impress my friends with it. But the time has come; I'm alone in my office staring at this crazy burger wondering if being a "Candy Critic" is really a good gig.

Let's start this review with what I'm happy about. First and foremost, I'm glad it's not flavoured like a hamburger. In fact, the highlight of this treat is the nice fruity flavour. It's a little strange, and fun, biting into a hamburger (since it's pretty close to life-sized) and tasting fruitiness instead of meat.

Now for what I didn't like. The texture is the big winner in the "yuck" department on this treat. I just don't like the texture of marshmallow; it's like eating a pillow. I will, however, mention how surprised and even a little happy I was that the seeds on top of the bun were in fact candy and not marshmallow. The other problem with this treat is the size. I just can't eat the whole thing; it's way too big. Even if this thing was made of the best chocolate in the world, I'd say it's too big. Although the size is the novelty of the treat, it's a little overwhelming.