Russel Stover Marshmallow Santa

Russel Stover

I'm not sure what Christmas and marshmallows have in common, but I've started to notice a lot of marshmallow themed treats this time of year. If you're reading this after the Christmas of 2016, then maybe this trend has passed, and if that's the case you can pretty much disregard the next few sentences. This year has been full of marshmallows for the Christmas season, some make sense, while others, like this Russell Stover Marshmallow Santa do not. It makes sense to make a Christmas treat out of marshmallow if the treat is attempting to simulate snow. The white fluffy look of marshmallow is a great candy representation of these cold winter days. What I don't understand is treats that are filled with marshmallow, that are molded into common Christmas shapes.

The thing that makes this particular chocolate filled marshmallow treat even worse is that the shape is also really poorly executed. This chocolate Santa is just a few globs of marshmallow covered in chocolate, that only look like Santa if you look at it from a great distance, without your glasses (if you're near sighted), and if you have a fairly vivid imagination. In fact, if you didn't tell me it was a Santa shaped treat, I probably wouldn't have guessed it, even around Christmas time.

Fortunately, the shape is actually the worst thing about this candy. The marshmallow is actually pretty good, this coming from a guy that doesn't normally like marshmallows. This marshmallow filling was much denser and stickier than the average marshmallow, and I like that. It tasted like a really whipped nougat instead of a marshmallow. The flavour of the marshmallow is completely lost to the chocolate, but that's not a problem either since the chocolate is pretty good.

I think if you're a marshmallow fan looking for a fun Christmas treat you're going to be disappointed, but I actually enjoyed it.