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Marshmallow Banana


Taste: .5

Texture: 2.5

Novelty: 2

All scores out of 5

April 19 2006

Fear, thy name is "Marshmallow Banana". You're probably asking yourself why the Candy Critic would fear something that would ordinarily be right up his alley. Well, it's simple. I have to admit there are a few treat-like things that I'm not a big fan of. Just because I'm a candy fanatic doesn't mean I have to love everything. In fact, as a critic I think it's my job to not like everything. If I loved everything, what would be the challenge to the candy world? You see, I'm not a big fan of fake banana flavours, nor am I a big fan of marshmallow. You can see why the beads of sweat are dripping down my forehead right now.

I'm happy about one thing. These are either really stale, or the consistency is different than your average marshmallow. That's a good sign in my books. Although I do not like marshmallow most of the time, the exception is when they're not really marshmallow. I don't think that last description made any sense. For more reference to that idea, eat a box of Lucky Charms cereal. The taste of this treat does, however, come through in the yuck department. For some reason I just can't take fake banana, and I have yet to find one person that can make it real.

That's my challenge to the candy-making world: make me a banana-flavoured treat that actually tastes like bananas!