Marshville Assorted Chocolates

Marshville Chocolates

Small candy companies like Marshville Chocolates often create the best chocolates you’ll ever eat. Why you might ask? Well, they unlike many of the large candy companies, take the time to make sure all of the details are there. Companies like Marshville Chocolates don’t just take some caramel and pecans, slap on a layer of chocolate, and call it a turtle, they actually make them look like turtles too. Attention to detail is what makes these smaller companies so good. The trick though is to find a small company that truly wants to make good chocolates and not a company just looking to sell junk food to tourists. Sometimes a shop looks like a high quality local shop, but really they’re phoning it in, you really have to find people who are passionate about creating candy as well. The best way to know if your local chocolate shop is the real deal is to talk to the employees and the customers. If the employees seem happy and the customers are locals, you probably found a good place.

These particular chocolates are awesome, high quality chocolate with classic fillings. The most fun had to be the turtles and as I mentioned above, they actually look like turtles. You can tell that folks at Marshville Chocolates actually take their time. They make classic chocolates, using high quality ingredients. They also take their time to make them right, they look good and taste good as well.

Marshville Chocolates is a perfect example of why small candy companies can be great, this box of chocolates is the perfect example of their art.