Why is the most common shape of marzipan treats, a pig? What do almonds, have to do with porcine? If you think about this combination, it's a really strange one. Food wise you never associate the two, and I’m not familiar with any cultural connection either. The problem is, the marzipan pig is so common today that people really don't think about how strange it is.

If I get over the fact that I'm eating a pig, the second thing I want to know is, what's all the hubbub over marzipan anyways. It's not that I totally hate the stuff, I just don't think it's that great on its own. To me marzipan is the perfect tool for making just about any shape, colour, or texture. The art I've seen molded from this almond paste is amazing. The thing is, I have yet to bite into a marzipan that I truly enjoyed eating. Don't get me wrong, this pig was fine, but my last few bites were not easy to get down.

Marzipan is really a treat that has its limits, three or four bites of the stuff and I'm done. The chocolate on the back of this pig did make it a little easier, but I was still barely able to finish this off.

Marzipan is the artistic tool that makes candy and cake shop windows a feast for the eyes. The problem is trying to feast this stuff with your mouth.