Kit Kat "Uji Matcha"


This bar goes two ways for me. It's not the best Kit Kat I've ever eaten, not even the best crazy flavoured Kit Kat I'd ever eaten. This bar is however the best matcha flavoured candy I've ever tasted. Matcha is a green tea often served in Japanese tea ceremonies. Rather than being a drink where hot water is poured through tea leaves, matcha is made of ground tea leaves that are turned into a powder and whisked into the water. When you're drinking matcha you consume both the ground leaves and the tea flavoured water. The main characteristic of this tea is that it's very bitter.

This Kit Kat bar gets around the bitter flavour by adding a smooth white chocolate into the mix. It's similar to someone adding sugar and milk to a bitter coffee. The good thing is that this really seems to work. The creamy white chocolate blends so well with the bitter tea flavour and the tea flavour cuts down on the sweetness of the bar. What you're left with is a less sweet chocolate bar and slightly sweetened matcha. It's really a perfect blend of these two flavours.

It's not the cleverest Kit Kat, it's not the best tasting Kit Kat, but it's a really fascinating Kit Kat. If you've had matcha in the past and didn't like it, you might want to try this bar out. If you've never tried matcha, and you've tried this bar, be warned if someone offers you a cup of matcha tea.