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Maxi Tupla


Taste: 4

Texture: 2.5

Novelty: 1.5

All scores out of 5

The first thing one might notice when they get a Maxi Tupla is that fact that it's really heavy. There are two little bars per serving and they really weigh a whole lot. I tried to find out the exact weight of the bar but unfortunately it's all in Finnish. So what you get is two little yet heavy bars that appear to be covered in peanuts.

After biting into the bar the first thing you notice is an absolutely wonderful chocolate flavour. It's not really a natural chocolate though, instead, it kind of tastes like a really high quality hot chocolate mix in bar form. The peanuts have basically no effect on the bar at all, both in flavour and in texture. The centre, where the chocolate flavour appears to be emanating from is a nice somewhat dense nougat. With the strength of the chocolate flavour from the nougat, it's hard to tell if the chocolate has any flavour at all either.

Basically if they sold this nougat on it's own with no peanuts and not covered in chocolate I think you'd probably end up with a very similar treat in taste and texture. I kind of wish the peanuts where a little stronger because that would have made for a great texture and flavour combination. For now it's kind of unbalanced, but still really yummy.