Swedish Berries


There are 3 different shaped gummies that all share the same colour, flavour, and texture. Gummy feet, Swedish fish, and Swedish berries. These are three very different shaped gummies and only the Swedish berries really make sense. I'm not really sure why Swedish fish and gummy feet have taken on this shape, or what the history of this distinctly different gummy flavour is. I’m not sure which came first, or why this is such a popular flavour to use.

This commonly used red gummy flavour has a bit of a berry flavour to it, but there's also something else. The other flavour can probably be described best as a cinnamon after taste. It gives just a hint of the heat one might get from a Red Hot. Texture wise these gummies are a much chewier gummy than a gummy bear. They certainly don't have the give that you might experience from a fruit jelly either. It's almost as if there's some kind of hard gummy shell around a really tough chewy centre. I also find this kind of gummy likes to stick to the teeth more than your standard gummy bear or gummy worm.

This variety of gummy isn't my favourite, but once in a while I do enjoy them. Because they're so tough to chew, by the time I've gone through even a small bag my jaw hurts a bit. As for the shape, the berries work best for this mysterious red gummy because the theme seem to go well with the flavour and colour. I also like their small size because that goes well with the tough texture.