Mazelo "Litchi"


There aren't enough Litchi flavoured candies out there in the candy world. Litchi is one of the best fruits that can be made into a candy. They have a unique flavour that's mostly sweet with just a hint of sour, and that's the perfect mix for a candy. They also have a subtle secondary flavour that's very unique, but not too shocking. The fruit itself, once you get through the leather like skin even looks like a candy. I'm also seeing more and more litchis available in grocery stores all over the world, so it's not a scary exotic fruit anymore, it's fairly well recognized.

So why aren't more candy companies embracing this unique and tasty fruit? Why don't we see litchi flavoured life savers, or litchi Popsicles? You really only find litchi treats in Asian specialty grocery stores or Asian countries. Based on all the hype I’ve given Litchi candies, you can imagine that I really enjoyed this candy, and you'd be right. This Mazelo "Litchi" was simple, but it tasted just like a litchi fruit. The colour and shine of the candy even resembled the fruit after you peel it. The thing is, the flavour wasn't complicated, it was tasty and sweet, a little tart, just like a litchi

I sure hope that in the near future I get the opportunity to taste even more litchi candies. This should be a flavour that is not exotic, because I think the flavour would be loved by so many. For now, I’m happy with these, and I hope that if other candy companies jump on the litchi flavour train, they take candies like this as an example of how to do it right.