Gaburi Chew


I feel ripped off. There is nothing on this package’s text that really explaining what to expect. Allison with her ability to read some Japanese looked at the package and described what I expected to find. We both thought that this would be a box of chewy (possibly gummy) candies shaped like miniature food. More to the point I thought it would look like the miniature food depicted on the box. I was geared up for a pretty interesting experience, but that ended as soon as I opened the package.

What you get is four small packages of a grape flavoured chewy candy that are shaped like small square blobs. You also get one of the items featured on the box. I got the stack of pancakes with whipped cream and a strawberry featured in the upper right-hand corner of the package. The thing is, the pancakes were not a candy, but actually an eraser. I will officially warn anybody buying this not to eat the eraser that looks more appetizing than anything else in this box (you’re welcome Meigum for stopping a few lawsuits).

The eraser is actually pretty cool, but the candy is a little blah. It’s your basic fake grape flavoured chew. There’s nothing particularly fancy or different about it. It lasts for about ten seconds and has an okay texture. It’s nothing special at all, which makes this treat pretty disappointing. The package implies something really fun and unique, but other than the eraser it’s really dull. I should also mention that you can buy this kind of eraser anywhere in Japan, and you get to pick the design you want. So really even the “bonus” prize is still fairly pedestrian contextually.