Meiji "Hi Milk Chocolate"


Writing a review for a basic milk chocolate bar is almost always a hard review to write. It’s not that I’ve reviewed this exact bar before, but I’ve reviewed many like it. I can basically sum this bar up in one sentence, it’s an average milk chocolate bar. It’s not bad by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s also far from being the best milk chocolate I’ve ever tasted. The texture was smooth and it melted well in my mouth (and a little bit on my fingers too). The flavour was fairly average with a slight acidic aftertaste, the only noticeably different thing about this bar.

So, in the first paragraph I was able to review and describe this bar. Unless this is the first time you’ve ever had milk chocolate, you’ll probably agree that it’s average. I guess this bar would make for a good first milk chocolate bar, if anybody reading a candy blog hasn’t experienced milk chocolate. It will give you a sense of what milk chocolate should taste like, without ruining other, better milk chocolate in the future. If this is your first, it can be better, but it can also be worse... much worse.

The only reason I could recommend this bar is if you’re in Asia and you’re just craving some simple milk chocolate. You really should not get your hopes up with this bar, but it will certainly fill in that craving.