Micro Pops

Good Humor

I really thought that this treat would be a little more fun than it was. The package is a little vague as to what might be inside, but it looks really fun. The brightly coloured balls seemed to be some kind of hint that I might be getting a bunch of frozen spheres or something. The odd shape of the package also suggested that at the very least I wasn’t going to get anything average. I think I can say that this is another case of being bamboozled by a package promising something fun and original.

The best way to describe these Micro Pops has to be a big glob of popsicle bits. The bits were round but they all stuck together and for some reason. It could have been a transportation issue, or it could have been a design flaw, but this large glob was really no fun at all. I thought it would also be much more flavourful. It just seemed kind of blah in flavour, and that didn’t help the fact that it looked like a big glob either.

This treat, although ambitious, really didn't do it for me. It just wasn't that fun, and you’d think by looking at the package that it would be full of fun. The flaws in the design might have something to do with the way it’s stored, but the folks at Good Humor should expect this kind of problem. They should know that this kind of treat doesn’t transport well. They should know that treats sometimes leave the factory looking one way, but might have to fight some of the elements before it’s eaten.