Mike and Ike "Autumn Medley"

Just Born

What can I say about these other than... what does an orange have to do with autumn? Or a lemon, cherry, or strawberry for that matter. I'm not stupid and I get the basic idea, they've selected flavours of candies that come in colours to match the beautiful autumn landscapes. They've also decided not to go with flavours like sweet potato, pumpkin or apple. I understand that this makes a better tasting treat, but really you end up losing a few points for bravery for not even trying.

The good news is that the flavours they did choose taste great, and they taste great together. In fact, this treat is really good, and why shouldn't it be, it's filled with flavours that are pretty much sure to be good on their own and together. The texture is pretty good as well, and that's because these guys have been making Mike and Ike's for a long time and they have the ratio of coating to jelly down. So, it's a tasty little snack…

It's just not really an "Autumn Medley" because it really doesn’t represent any of the flavours or smells I associate with the season. I really wish they tried to be a little more creative about this, and I think there might be a few autumn flavours that would work in Mike and Ike form. This really isn’t an autumn treat, unless maybe if you live in Florida.