July 2023













Mike And Ike Mega Mix "Sour"

Just Born

This package does not lie. This is a pretty mega collection of fruit flavours. Most of the time when you get a box of fruit flavoured candies, you have 5 maybe 6 different fruit flavours to choose from. In the case of these Mike and Ike Mega Mix candies you get 10 different flavours of fruity chews. The sour is also well represented in this candy. The box I have here took me 4 or 5 attempts to finish it. I can safely say that they deliver on the sour and the vast amount of flavours in each box.

The real challenge with so many flavours is making sure that each and every fruity flavour is different and tastes like the fruit it’s supposed to represent, or at the very least like the official fake version of each fruit. Flavour wise they pulled this off fairly well. The strawberry and cherry were actually pretty similar, or at the very least when I decided to give this a blind taste test I had trouble telling which one was which. I had an even bigger problem when it came to figuring out which was lime and which was lemon. I feel like depending on the kind of lime or lemon I might even have a hard time telling them apart with the real fruit.

While the flavours were fairly successful, the colours were okay with one major flaw. The apple and the lime candies looked identical. At one point I poured all of the candies out and when I was done I only counted nine different colours. I checked out the list of flavours on the back of the package and realized that I was missing a green colour. After eating a few of the green ones I discovered that the light green apple and light lime looked exactly the same. This made for a challenging blind taste test as we wanted to make sure I got to taste one of each flavour. It took a few attempts with the light green.

In general I’d say that these Mike and Ikes deliver on what’s promised. I don’t think the flavours were too ambitious, but they did deliver what they promised. The sour was a little hard to take after a while, but I managed well enough.